Our Mission Statement:

Tiakina ō  na putea, ō na Whenua I tukua;
Ma tē poari te nei puaupapa. Nui e ehai ake nei:
Ka kō rerotia ki ō na rō pū Honohono;
Ka whakaha ere ō ne take. Katoa I te pono;
Ka whanaketia tō na oha ki. I tukua mo ngā rōpū.
Honohono, mō ngā uri e.

To  guard/protect the financial resources and land holdings it has received:
It is for the board in it’s pursuits to:
Liase with it’s affiliated groups. Manage it’s affairs transparently and truthfully.
Advance the legacy it holds in stewardship for affiliatted groups and decendants of this and future generations


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Native Affairs reporter Renee Kahukura-Iosefa spent two days on Rakiura, Stewart Island, to witness the handover of one of the world's most unique tourism businesses to a Māori Trust. The Rakiura Māori Lands Trust and Real Journeys have taken on a legacy business started by local man Phillip Smith more than twenty years ago. Under Phillip's guidance, our film crew got up close and personal with Aotearoa's national bird, the very impressive Rakiura Kiwi.



This website provides you access to information about Rakiura, the Rakiura Maori Lands Trust and its activities as the Land Administrator of most of the Maori land on Rakiura (Stewart Island), New Zealand. The Rakiura Maori Lands Trust (RMLT) is the largest private landowner outside of the New Zealand government on Rakiura. The Trust holds these lands in trust for many of the Rakiura Maori descendants, (the Indigenous inhabitants of the island), the history of whom goes back over 700 years. RMLT has a rich history with this very unique and beautiful island paradise, which is the third largest Island of New Zealand. Over time we will be building a resource of information for you to access about Rakiura and the activities of the Trust along with its current and historical association with the island. We hope you will find this site useful and we look forward to your feedback on how we can better deliver a useful and valuable service. For a further overview of Stewart Island follow this link to Wikipedia Rakiura (Stewart Island).


Stewart Island Sanctuary: A TVNZ programme that looks at the eradication efforts by the Stewart Island Rakiura Community and Environment Trust (SIRCET) in the Halfmoon Bay area by the Stewart Island residents. Titled "Meet the Locals"

Rare Breed of New Zealand Sheep on The Neck. This is a short article on the beginning of sheep farming on Stewart Island.

Point Me South by Edward Wilkinson Latham. A great story about Stewart Island some great facts giving with an interesting perspective.

The New Zealand Railways Magazine February 1937. An article in The New Zealand Railways Magazine from 1937. An excellent read.

Pegasus Tin : Archaeological survey of the Pegasus tin field, southern Stewart Island/Rakiura by P.G. Petchey. This series of information chapters from the survey will give you an insight into the only Tin Mine in New Zealand's history.

Tutae-Ka-Wetoweto Forest Act 2001:


Stewart Island/Rakiura Conservation Management Strategy and Rakiura National Park Management Plan 2011-2021 - 2.4 Eastern/Tai Rāwhiti Place